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Dr Astrid Coxon

Person-centred counselling
Face-to-face in Suffolk, online UK & internationally


Are you facing a challenging decision? Are you struggling with loss? Maybe you've received a late diagnosis of autism or ADHD, you're trying to find meaning in your life, or you're dealing with a relationship breakdown. People from all walks of life seek counselling for a wide-range of reasons, and counselling is as unique as you are.

Having a confidential and neutral space to explore your thoughts and feelings with a non-judgemental professional can help you to make sense of the challenges life throws at you. Counselling can help you find clarity and make decisions that are right for you.

I'm Astrid and I'm a chartered psychologist and person-centred counsellor. I offer individual counselling to adults (18+) in person at my Suffolk-based practice, or remotely via Zoom across the UK and internationally.

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Areas I specialise in

Adult Autism & ADHD

I have extensive experience working with clients who have identified as or been diagnosed as Autistic and/or ADHD in their adult life, and am neurodivergent myself. Exploring past experiences and current life circumstances through this new neurodivergent lens with a professional in a confidential, non-judgemental space can help bring a new perspective and understanding on how to live in a way more aligned with your values and needs.


I have a PhD, and outside of my private counselling practice, I work as a teaching fellow in higher education and qualitative psychology researcher. Whilst I cannot offer academic advice, I do understand the unique challenges faced studying and working in academia.

Identity Issues

Issues related to your sense of identity, such as later-life diagnoses of autism & ADHD, exploring gender & sexuality, existential concerns & sense of meaning

Life Transitions

New medical diagnoses, significant career changes, relationship difficulties, bereavement & loss

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Stratford St Andrew, Suffolk, United Kingdom

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