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July 2021

Diploma of Higher Education

Colchester Institute, University Campus Colchester
Person-Centred Counselling

June 2018


Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia
Thesis title: “Improving the Implementation of Enhanced Recovery Pathways through Realist Evaluation”

September 2014

MSc (with distinction)

University of Surrey
Health Psychology

September 2011

MSc (conversion for graduates)

University of East London

September 2009

BA (Hons)

Heythrop College, University of London

Continuing Professional Development

5th June 2021

Introduction to Taking Your Therapy Practice Outdoors

Ruth Allen

18th May 2021

Living With and Beyond Cancer

British Psychological Society

10th May 2021

Practising Existential Therapy

Ernesto Spinelli

19th April 2021

Changing Your Stress Response Using Nutritional Therapy

The Link Centre

8th March 2021

A Matter of Death and Life

Irvin Yalom

March-April 2021

Food As Medicine


26th July 2020

Working with Bereavement and Complex Grief


21st July 2020

Understanding Working with Gender Variance & Autism

Madison-Amy Webb

12th July 2020

Existential Perspectives

Mick Cooper

July 2020

Pluralism Conference - Navigating Change in Counselling & Psychotherapy


15th May 2020

Single Session Therapy

Windy Dryden

July 2015

Managing Long-Term Conditions: Insights from Research

Health Psychology in Public Health forum

March 2015

Positive Psychology & Authentic Wellbeing

British Psychological Society

January-February 2015

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy: Experiential Workshop

Mindfulness Training Ltd.

September 2014

The Behaviour Change Wheel: A Guide to Designing Interventions

Susan Michie

Publications & Presentations


Academic article

An Evaluation of an Online Brief Mindfulness Based Intervention in Higher Education: A Pilot Conducted at an Australian University and a British University

by J Chung, M E Mundy, I Hunt, A Coxon, K R Dyer and S McKenzie

Published in Frontiers In Psychology, 12:752060. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.752060


Book chapter

Stress and Mental Wellbeing in Emergency Medical Dispatchers
in: The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Healthcare Practitioners: Research and Practice (eds. Esther Murray & Jo Brown), Wiley


Book chapter

Accessibility and Inclusivity in Online Teaching (co-authored with Fabio R Arico & Jeremy Schildt)
in: Tertiary Online Teaching and Learning: TOTAL Perspectives and Resources for Digital Education, Springer-Verlag


Book chapter

Science communication: Why is it important and how should we go about it?
in: A Guide for Psychology Postgraduates: Surviving Postgraduate Study (2nd Edition) book produced by Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPAG) of the British Psychological Society


Book chapter

Self-care and social support in postgraduate study (co-authored with Jemaine Stacey & Catherine V. Talbot)
in: A Guide for Psychology Postgraduates: Surviving Postgraduate Study (2nd Edition) book produced by Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group (PsyPAG) of the British Psychological Society

28-29th October 2019

Conference presentation

The International Higher Education Conference (Amsterdam)
"Assessing the impact of technology enhanced learning on students with specific learning difficulties"


Academic article

Integrating brief mindfulness exercises in virtual learning environments to support students’ mental health and wellbeing
by A Coxon, K R Dyer, S Mckenzie and J Chung
Published in EDULEARN19 Proceedings, pp. 3421-3427


Academic article

Practitioners’ conceptualisations of “evidence-based practice” as a barrier to changing practice
by A Coxon and J Cross
Published in Health Psychology Update, 28(1), pp. 32-6.

December 2018

Conference presentation

Society for Research into Higher Education: Annual Research Conference (Celtic Manor Resort, Newport)
“The impact of Technology Enhanced Learning on students with Specific Learning Difficulties”

September 2018

Conference presentation

BPS East of England Conference (University of East Anglia, UK)
“Assessing the inclusivity of Technology Enhanced Learning methods for students affected by Specific Learning Difficulties”

September 2018

Conference presentation

BPS East of England Conference (University of East Anglia, UK)
“Improving the Implementation of Enhanced Recovery Pathways: Insights from Qualitative Research”

June 2018

Invited speaker

Emergency Services #MentalHealthMatters conference (St George’s Hospital, University of London; co-presenting with Sarah Golding, University of Surrey)
“Exploring the psychological health and lived experiences of emergency call handlers and dispatchers”

September 2017

Conference presentation

Division of Health Psychology conference (Mercure Hotel, Cardiff, UK)
“Implementing a new enhanced recovery pathway: A qualitative study comparing three UK hospitals”

August 2017

Conference presentation

European Health Psychology Society conference (University of Padua, Italy)
“Assessing the implementation of a new Enhanced Recovery Pathway in three hospitals”

July 2017

Conference presentation

Qualitative Methods in Psychology Conference (Aberystwyth University, UK)
“Exploring the role of Service Improvement Lead in Enhanced Recovery Pathway Implementation”


Academic article

Implementing enhanced recovery pathways: a literature review with realist synthesis

by A Coxon, K Nielsen, J Cross and C Fox

Published in Hospital Practice, 45(4), pp. 1–10. doi: 10.1080/21548331.2017.1351858

November 2016

Published interview

Interviewed about my research into ambulance dispatch staff, by German journalist Haluka Maier-Borst, for report “Help the Helpers: Ambulance teams and their mad race against time” (

June 2016

Radio interview

Interviewed by Eagle Radio, Surrey, about stress experienced by ambulance staff in the UK


Academic article

“You’re never making just one decision”: exploring the lived experiences of ambulance Emergency Operations Centre personnel

by A Coxon, M Cropley, P Schofield, K Start, C Horsfield and T Quinn

Published in Emergency Medicine Journal, 33(9), pp. 645–51. doi: 10.1136/emermed-2015-204841.

December 2015

Conference presentation

Society for Research into Higher Education: Newer Researchers’ Conference (Celtic Manor, Newport, UK)
“”It’s Not Just Me! ” – Student Testimonials and Peer-Support for Retention and Attainment”

October 2015

Conference presentation

Digital Technology in Psychology conference (King’s Manor, University of York, UK - video available:

“The effectiveness of internet-based interventions for managing stress and anxiety in students in higher education”

September 2015

Conference presentation

Qualitative Methods in Psychology conference (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK)
“Exploring the lived experiences of ambulance dispatch personnel”

July 2015

Conference presentation

Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group conference (Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK)
“Close-Knit Communities: Cross-generational social cohesion through knitting together”

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