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Free workbook: Choosing a counsellor

There's no "Counselling Basics" blog post today - instead, based on the popularity of my recent post "How do I find a counsellor?", I decided to put together a totally free workbook titled "Choosing a Counsellor".

In it, I've summarised some of the key points from that original post, providing my top tips to guide your search for the right counsellor for you.

The workbook is only ten pages long, and it's written in plain English. It's designed for anyone who is searching for a counsellor - whether this is your first, second, or tenth time on the hunt for the perfect "fit".

The best thing is - this is totally free. There's no sign-up, no subscription, no obligation - nothing! Simply click the link below to download your free copy to read, use, or share as you see fit!

Get your free copy of the "Choosing a Counsellor" workbook

Did you enjoy this post? Did you find it helpful? Want to know something about counselling I haven't talked about yet? Please leave me a comment below, or email me at
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